Friday, November 8, 2013

I Is Da Bride of Chucky

This Week's Conversations

Conversation #1

Subway Cashier: I love yo black hurr!

Me: Thank you!

Cashier: You look like Da Bride of Chucky!

Me: Uh...I think she had blonde hair...

Cashier: Nah, she had jet black hurr and fake lashes like you!

Me: I don't have fake eyelashes.

Cashier: Really?! Then you IS her! You IS Da Bride of Chucky!'s not everyday you get told you look like a demon-possessed plastic baby.

Conversation #2

Neighbor: (shouting from his balcony) HELLO!

Me: Hello!

Neighbor: I like your outfit!

Me: Thanks! I picked it out myself!

...good job, Natasha. Next time, be sure and let him know that not only do you dress yourself, but that you are ALSO potty-trained.

Conversation #3

Friend: I wish there was penis fabric. To make penis burkas.

Me: I'm quoting you on Facebook later.


Other friend: I saw you quoted Laura on Facebook.

Me: Sure did!

Other friend: Yeah...but why did you hash tag Thomas Edison?

Me: I don't know. It was late.

...but really it was because I was drunk. And drunk-me thought it was hilarious to associate the inventor of the light bulb with the inventor of the penis-burka. 


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