Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Pez Do Behind Closed Doors

Meet two of my Pez dispensers: Miss Piggy and Gonzo.
Look. It's four in the fucking morning. I have nothing better to do than show you my Pez, so you better fucking appreciate it.

Now they will meet each other.
Miss Piggy: That's quite a nose you have there...
Gonzo: It's not a nose. It's a birth defect. My penis grew on my face.

Now they will get to know one another better.
Miss Piggy: It works!
Gonzo: My penis? Of course it works! And it has a lot of work to do now, since you have an incredibly long, spacious, vertically-shaped vagina. It's like being in an incredibly steep alley way.

Gonzo gives Miss Piggy a present: Pez cum.
Gonzo: I came!
Miss Piggy: I'm glad someone is satisfied.

Now Gonzo gets to know Miss Piggy's twin sister, Mrs. Piggy.
Miss Piggy: How dare you! How could you?!
Mrs. Piggy: He can't really talk right now.

Don't worry. Kermit didn't see a thing.
Kermit: It's easy being green.

He, too, was busy.
Kermit: It's not easy sucking on a dick that grows out of an infant's head.

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